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Bear are the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment, they're a shadow army for the rich and powerful, You'll be tasked with various missions as the BEAR faction, we like to give creative control to the players in terms of, how the event will run, each action you make creates an reaction.

BEAR like USEC will be denoted by Arm bands, this will allow for more flexibility to the teams, be aware the SCAV faction, are wearing civilian like clothing with No arm band. 





The Scav faction by definition are civilians who stayed in the Tarkov region once the Contractor wars started between USEC and BEAR. 
They live of the land and incredibly well adjusted to the war torn environment, Scavs often like to trade, not for money but for items/information  - After all they are Scavengers. 

Scavs are required to wear civilian esk clothing, No plate carriers. Battle belts and chest rigs are fine. Remember you are a Roleplaying faction. If you wish to run a small store/shop/bar as a Scav feel free. Feel free to create little side missions for the Bears. 
Scav will be the only team NOT banded. 
We request that the Scav team bring scav esk weapons, (Basically a M4 all gucci'd up) doesn't make sense. (Low attachment count is perfect) 


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