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Operation Horizon

14th and 15th of September

24 hour Event

Civil war has erupted in the sovereign state of Sarrat, following an attempt to force abdication from the monarch. The armed forces loyal to the regent have taken steps to crush violent uprisings from the populace.

Many rebel factions are located in the rural areas and the army are now taking the fight to them with a view to restore stability to the region. Bloody battles ensure for control of resources and land, high deposits minerals along with a small capacity to refine radioactive material have contributed to the countries wealth and now are becoming the source of a bitter civil war.

The factions must compete for control of resource rich land and gather what precious commodities they can locate or take by force from their opposition Upon rumours of the remnants of a crashed foreign aircraft both the troops loyal to the monarchy and the militia are setting out to locate the site and search for clues as to who was on the plane and if they are still alive, where are they?

Both factions know the arrival of a foreign military may spell the end for them if their opposition is supported. Mercenaries from western powers have also arrived in the United kingdom and are often engaged by both sides for specialist support and tasks depending on the highest bidder.


Example of Civilian attire

Example of Military attire


Civilian team attire

Civilian clothing, Flannels shirts, solid colours, Camo plate carriers, JPC and chest rigs are fine, as long as top and trousers follow the Civilian clothing rules.  

Military team attire

All forms of Military pattern camouflage

Such as Multicam, Multicam Tropic, Flecktarn, MTP, Greek Lizard, DPM, A-TAC, AOR-1/AOR-2, OCP, CADPAT, Tri-Colour Desert, M90-F and all other Modern Military camos. 


Friday gates open from 17:30 (Optional) Gates close at 22:00
Saturday Gates open at 07.30, gates close at 10:00
Events start at 10.00
Sunday gates open at 08:00 close at 09:00 
Endex at 15:00 gates open from 15:30


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