Reforger Weekender

This event is now LIVE tickets are no longer available to purchase


Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th May 2019

16 hour Event

 What is the Reforger Weekender?


 The Reforger Weekender is a 16 Hour Skirmish spread over 2 days, With elements of a   Battlesim. This includes Mag limits as an example. We will NOT be enforcing any BDU rules,   Each player is welcome to wear what they like, As we will be running different colour bands for both teams. The Reforger weekender is a great chance to see every aspect of Reforger that we offer, This includes opening up 99% of the site for you to fight/play across. 


Players need to register/pre-book in advance. Players can choose to pay either the £20 deposit online and the rest on the day, or the full amount of £55 online. This deposit is Non-refundable and is too secure each players space, for the Reforger Weekender.  


More Information and details will follow and each player will receive an information pack closer to the time.




  How do the Teams work?


  You are able to choose between the Red team or the Blue team. Both teams will have a commander who will issue missions and objectives to they're teams. However, how you play is up to you.


When you go to pay please select the team you wish to join this cannot be changed so choose wisely.

This event is now LIVE tickets are no longer available to purchase




We welcome everyone to join us from Friday 15:00  to Sunday 15:00 


       Friday will be purely setting up you're camping equipment and sign in.  No Games. 

Gates shut 10.30pm Friday evening and will re-open at 7.00am on Saturday.  


Saturday gates will open at 7:00 am for sign in and set up.


The briefing will start at 10:00 am 

First game 10:30 am 

First-day Endex 17:30 


Saturday Evening game will start at 21.30 and run till   23:30 "Optional"


Sunday games will continue from 9:00 am and Endex will be at 15:00 


Reforger gates will officially close at 19:00 on Sunday Afternoon.





 Fps Limits & Minimum Engagement Distance


 AEG - 360 fps  (SMG - Pistols - Assault rifles - Shotguns) Regardless of propellant 

LMG/HMG - 360fps 

DMR/Semi only rifles - 450fps 

Sniper rifles/Bolt action rifles - 500fps / 2.5 joules 

**DMR and Bolt Action Rifles MUST carry a secondary weapon

Under 360 fps for close quarter engagements.** 


DMR/Bolt Action/TAG Launcher 


All have a 25 Meter MED - Minimum Engagement Distance - Meaning you can not engage targets inside 25 Meters. You can, however, retreat to a safe distance and re-engage, or swap to your secondary for close range engagements.






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