Includes - Site skirmish fee, Weapon, 2000 BB's 

Player must provide their own Face protection due to COVID-19.

(Lunch NOT included) 

Please note this purchase is non-refundable.

Weapon Hire Package "30.01.22"

  • Rental Packages do not come with any face mask or protection. due to Covid-19 we cannot supply you with this. You will be responsable for providing or purchasing your own face protection for the game day. Under 18's MUST wear full face or equivilent.

    We do sell face protection on site on the game day, we welcome you to purchase this before hand to ensure your comfort and more choices with available protection elsewhere. (If you need any recomendations of shops you can visit and great/safe brands to buy feel free to message us)


    We appologies for any inconvience