COVID-19 Information

Masks are mandatory.

Staff reserve the right to turn you away on the day if you do not have a mask. No refund will be given if you turn up without one.

I’ve spoken to the local council and been given permission to run our Charity event on December 20th which is also our last event of 2020.

We’ve been given strict rules to follow which allow us to operate as a site.

Masks, must be warn by players when not in the game zone apart from when they are at their cars, or work space.  

Masks must be worn during sign In, queueing/ walking to the toilets, queuing for the food truck, queuing or at chrono and during briefings.

Players caught not wearing a mask will be told to leave with no refund.

Players must bring their own waiver, Print the one from our website before arriving. We are NOT allowed to issue waivers on the day.

We highly recommend wearing gloves.

We also recommend bringing your own hand sanitizer, there will be a hand wash station and sanitizer in the toilets and around sign in for customer use.

I understand that for many Airsoft is social event but we remind players not to mingle during lunch and to keep the mandatory 2 meters were possible. Bubbles consist of 6 people max.

Game play will only be effected by how many teams we divide players into.

Please understand that we want everyone to enjoy themselves, but we need to be safe more then anything. 

We will still be doing a Raffle on the day and prizes will be shown this Friday.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.

Kind Regards.

You MUST print off a Waiver to attend the 20th of December, Click Airsoft Waiver below to download the waiver. If you fail to print off a waiver you WILL be turned away

What do you get?

Walk on for a regular Sunday Skirmish is £30 per person (lunch not included)

Due to Covid-19 we are capping player limits too 50. All slots must be paid for in advanced. First come First serve. 


Weapon Hire package for a regular Sunday Skirmish is £50 per person

(includes, Walk on fee, weapon (G36 & M4 variants),     Hi-cap magazine, 2000 BB's) -

Must supply your own Face protection due to Covid-19

(lunch not included)




If you do not pre-book you could be turned away on the day.


Reforger Airsoft 

Great Westwood Equestrian Park

Old House Lane

Langleybury (Near Watford)



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