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       Site & Game Information

All Players will need to fill out a waiver prior to each Skirmish day. You can either download these here or fill them out on the day.  The Waiver link is below. 

UNDER 18's must have a Parent/Guardian sign a waiver for them on the morning of an event day  these are available in the office  (Minimum Age 14 years Old)

Below are a few of the basic site rules. A full safety briefing is always provided before the start of the skirmish/Milsim

        Safe Zone 

  • No magazines in weapons

  • Weapons must be cleared prior to entering the safe zone 

  • Weapons with fixed magazines should have the battery removed/disconnected & a marshal informed

  • Absolutely No dry firing

  • No Igniting of Pyrotechnics

  • Under no circumstances should you be touching/taking or going through other players items.

Basic Game Rules

  • Eye Protection must be worn at all times (full face protection for under 18s)

  • No mobile defenses

  • No blind firing

  • No tree climbing

  • Under 5 meters engagement single body shots only - try to avoid shooting fellow players at this distance where possible but there is no bang rule.

  • Hit taking: A hit is anywhere on your body, weapon, and equipment (ricochets DO not count)

    • Shout "HIT", raise your arm in the air and leave the game zone immediately

    • Dead men don't talk (do not communicate with other teammates until after you have respawned)

    • Cheating is NOT tolerated on this site. If you are caught cheating you will be asked to leave

  • Do not argue with any of the marshal's - Their decision is final

  • Do not argue with other players, speak to a marshal and we will investigate all problems

  • No abuse is tolerated, except to yourself!

  • CQB Rules for the village

    • single shot only inside all the buildings

    • single shot only within 5 meters of the outside of the building

    • Pyro can only be thrown through doorways and windows

    • NO climbing through windows

        FPS Limits

  • Assault Weapons (AEG/GBB) 360 FPS

  • DMR Semi Auto 450 FPS with a 25 Metre Minimum engagement no second shot to be taken until the first has struck the target 

  • Single shot bolt action Sniper 500 FPS  with a 30 Metre Minimum engagement - rules as DMR

  • Pistols and shotguns 360 FPS 

All weapons will be chronographed and tagged every game day, any HOT weapons will NOT be permitted on this site.

A secondary weapon such as a pistol or AEG  MUST be carried for use by all sniper and DMR weapon users for close engagements under the 25 Metre Minimum engagement distance. If you do not have a secondary weapon, then you may miss out on some game modes.


You MUST be 18 or Over to use any Pyro

Anyone found to be purchasing and passing pyro onto anyone under 18 years old will be told to leave site with the minor immediately and will be banned from returning to Reforger Airsoft.

Pyro can be purchased in the onsite shop. Any pyro not purchased in store or by a recognizes and approved brands MUST have it checked and approved for use by a marshal.






Two large military shelters with tables & chairs for you to

use as a base for the day & to socialize with fellow


We ask that players work from their vehicles and only use the tent

if they have been dropped-off and or they do not have use of a

vehicle during COVID-19 restrictions.


We have a large field for parking on during the summer months and we have various hard standing car parks that we use in the wetter months. Both the parking locations are on-site, within the safe zones and close to the game zones. so enable you to work from your car or the tents.


60-meter range to zero in your weapons & helpful advice from our chrono marshals on how to fix, upgrade and best utilize your RIF along with many very friendly regulars who are more then happy to include you, talk to you and give you their expert opinions on RIF's, game plays and strategy's.


We may be an outdoor site but we have permanent plumed-in toilet facilities onsite by the sign in cabin.

LUNCH - We have a Food Truck who joins us on site at lunch time and serve a whole range of  Burgers, Baps, snacks, hot drinks & Soft drinks.

WATER - Due to our drinking water tap being at the front of site near the entrance we offer FREE bottled water throughout the day to everyone, this is to save you all a walk and to help keep everyone hydrated. We have the one rule this will keep being free to you as long as you put the empty bottle in the Recycling bin and do not litter the bottles in our game zones and safe zones! 

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