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Reforger Training days 

What is Included?

A non-BS training day, going over the variation of kit. It's real world to airsoft application.
From Kit to coms and everything In between with more than 25 years of Airsoft experience combined and 8 years of Military experience, we hope to bring attention to the small things that help redefine a player In day to day Skirmish and Milsim environment.  

Topics featured: 
Kit preparation for both Skirmishes and Milsim Events
- Overviewing your personal kit you wear and exploring other options

-Firing positions

- Reloading and transitioning & Drills (Rifle to pistol)

- Communication with and without coms
- How to work effectively as small team, pairs, quads and fire teams
- Includes movement, communication, Role implementation.
- How to Room clear, attacking hostile held buildings and building clearance 
- Force on Force activates 

And more. 

This event is strictly 16 +, You will be required to bring your own kit for the purpose of force on force and kit analysis. (This includes Eye protection and Rifles and anything you would normally use on a Skirmish), Notebook and pen. 

Please note that under 18’s cannot be given or use Pyro as by law under 18’s are not allowed to handle hot pyrotechnics, However we welcome 16yrs and up.

FEE: £30 pp 
2 x Mk5 Flashbangs 
1x Smoke grenade 
Included In the £30 fee. 

09:00 to 15:00 

5th of December

Please remember to bring your own kit as If you were attending a Skirmish to benefit from our full experience. 

This Includes charging your batteries.

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