Welcome to Operation Grim Sky

The Story so Far...

The year is 2020 and Russia has decided to fund a huge project called Project Цербер meaning Cerberus in English. It was designed to revolutionise a large area of Novoaltaysk turning it into a International hub for large scale operations, Import, export and other various uses. The concept was to bring In large investors and open the doors to International companies who were looking to expand their business into Eastern Europe, by building multiple sea and air ports and large industrial complexes and selling pieces of land to fund the operation.

However a transatlantic group called Silo Research Institute or SRI for short, is one of many companies who have heavily invested in Project Cerberus and have been buying large plots of land in the Novoaltaysk region. Mainly Ex-Military or disused bases. 

Not much is known about the company or what they actually do, However an ex employee of SRI "Richard James Reynolds" leaked information to a Government official and the Press, which has since been dismissed as false and nothing more than an ex employee who was disgruntled after being fired. 


A few days after the Information was leaked, reporters tried interviewing Mr Reynolds but upon arriving at Mr Reynolds apartment reporters found that someone had forced entry to the property and Mr Reynolds was no where to be found, only that there was signs of a struggle,as his apartment was trashed. 

This sparked a huge investigation into Silo Research Institute, the owners and anyone connected to the company. Silo Research Institute was later found to be a shell company for another organisation called Silsoe Research Institute which ceased Operations in 2006 for unorthodox testing on animals and humans.


The Russian government furious with what they had found out decided to take action against SRI,but fully aware they could not undergo any action against SRI as many of their scientists were nations of high ranking and powerful countries, such as America, Britain and Germany. Russia decided to close there boarders and monitor all Sea and Air traffic. Novoaltaysk was in Lock down...

Russia then decided to hire a private military contracting company called BEAR to act on behalf of the Russian Military, In the likely case one of the major powers accuses them of harming or killing any of their people, Russia would not be responsible for the actions of BEAR and could claim they had no involvement. 

Silo Research Institute carried on experimenting and testing regardless, most of their test labs where located underground and SRI had also decided to hire outside help to insure their Labs were protected.. USEC another PMC company paid to protect the scientists, assassinate witnesses and destroy sensitive documentation..


BEAR'S are Tasked with:
  • Document interception
  • Hardware Recovery
  • Witness Protection
  • Eliminating HVTs
  • Compiling Evidence 
  • Intercepting USEC Forces
  • Raids on USEC Safe houses
  • and much more.
  • SDD "Sensitive Document Destruction" 
  • Scientist Protection
  • Eliminating Witnesses 
  • Re ducting Intel
  • Supply runs
  • Repelling BEAR Forces
  • Raids on BEAR encampments 
  • Selling and Dealing equipment
  • and much more. 
USEC'S are Tasked with: