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Welcome to Operation Grim Sky III

How did Grim Sky II end and where does the story pick up?

        What can you expect from OP: Grimsky III ?


We've taken everything we learnt from our OP and given it more depth and a big focus about the story we are trying to tell, OP: Grimsky III is a Light Milsim with RP elements (Role play) 

However Grimsky III introduces a complete new experience to our previous events, as you may of noticed there are only two current teams. (Bears and Scavs) That is because the third team is a predetermined. 

We (Reforger Airsoft) would like to take the immersion up a notch.  

Bears are a PMC faction, highly trained and well coordinated contactors, You'll be tasked with clearing the USEC's from the Tarkov region. 

Scav Faction will be aimed at players looking to enter into the Milsim experience for the first time and offer a easy set of rules and more freedom, (Kit requirements etc)

However this doesn't mean they are any less active during this event. 

If anything they have the biggest role to play, how the other factions interact with them will heavily influence game play, this will be a more RP heavy faction as they will be based around our Village, Did we mention there will be a in game trader who operates from the Village? 

Your actions have real consequences.  

Redemption comes at a heavy cost.




BEARS will start with a Neutral standing with the Scavs, by working with and doing tasks given by the scavs. 

More objectives, side missions and rewards can be earned through the In game trader. 

Both teams will have a seperate main base, which they will eat, sleep and work from, Examples of missions will be below, please see below for more details. 

Their will be multiple RP characters for players to interact with during this event, such as the War lords, Traders, Scavs, HVT's etc. We are trying to make players understand the gravity of pulling the trigger. 

That being said there will be plenty of trigger time as players have full access to the whole playable site, giving the event a "open world feeling" - an event without Skirmish like restrictions. 






BEAR'S are Tasked with:
  • Intel Gathering 

  • Disruption of Supply lines

  • Raiding USEC Safe houses

  • Capturing TGM "Terra Group Members" 

  • Bringing calm to the chaos 

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