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       Reforger Airsoft Presents 




Friday 23rd & Sunday 25th June 2023


(Saturday Timings)

Open gates - 8am

Gates close - 10.30am


BEARS Must Arrive 8am - 8.30am - Sign In/Paperwork

BEARS Briefing and Chrono at 8.45 am 

Scav's Must arrive at 09.15 - 09.30am Sign in/Paperwork
Scav Briefing and Chrono at 09.45am

Official Start time - 11.00am


Please note this is a Pre-booked game only. you cannot just turn up on the day. this is a two day event and there is NOT a Skirmish day on this Sunday.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


          MAIN RULES
1. We have a minimum age limit of 17. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by one paying adult / guardian and must complete a consent form as well as a waiver.
2. Suitable eye protection must be worn at all times even in DDT. At no point can eye protection be removed.

3. Everyone is responsible for their own and other players safety. If you see something dangerous that hasn’t been previously identified, speak to a marshal immediately or contact your FC1.

4. All weapons must be cleared and made safe (including magazines removed) in a safe zone.

5. Do not be an idiot and put yourself or others safety at risk. 
6. Be honest and honourable in all that you do. Strive to improve airsoft at all times through your actions.
7. FPS limits are set in stone and are non-negotiable (see the weapon and ammo rules section).
8. Any form of physical, verbal violence is not allowed. If you like to get angry and shout at people or cause fights stay away from our events.
9. Cheat calling will not be tolerated.
10. Overkill will not be tolerated. When someone is hit and they indicate it, stop shooting at them.
11. All shots should be aimed and intentional. Never blind fire!
12. You should never deliberately shoot anyone in the head.
13. Adequate footwear with ankle support must be worn at all times.
14. No alcohol or drugs are allowed to be consumed during the event.
15. Only authorized pyrotechnics can be used (see grenades section)
16. 9mm - 12g magflash Only (Up to Mk9)
17. Homemade pyrotechnics and IED’s are not permitted.
18. all Smoke grenades apart from Yellow Smoke is considered standard smoke grenades, Yellow smoke is GAS.
19. Look out for each other. If you see someone (even an enemy) struggling for some reason e.g. dehydration, injury or medical conditions, do something about it.
20. There is no bang rule.
21. There are firing restrictions for firing certain weapons  (see the weapon and ammo
rules section).
22. Participants must sign in when entering the event.
23. All participants with medical conditions must carry any medication they require with them in their top left pocket / pouch in an issued medical quick reference bag at all times and clearly state the dosage / frequency on bag. 


We operate a common sense rule which overrides all others. Ask yourself the following question
before actually doing something…“What if this goes wrong?”
If the answer is ‘serious injury’ then you should NEVER undertake the action. Ultimately airsoft is a
sport and it’s not worth the risk. We all have families to go back home to. 


1. Be careful where you walk, crawl and run. Watch your steps and footing.
2. Look before you move into any cover.
3. Check the ground for danger before you lay prone.
4. Look before you leap over something to make sure that there isn’t a twenty foot drop on the other side!
5. Make sure that you have teammates about to help if you get into trouble.

       DO NOT

1. Cross any event boundaries that have been put in place.
2. Climb on roofs.
3. Use ladders, unless told otherwise.
4. Climb up trees.
5. Pick up anything you do not recognise or that looks suspicious. Report it to a marshal.
6. Climb out or enter through windows.
7. Enter confined spaces.
8. Attempt anything remotely stupid,  (backflips off a wall etc.)
9. Cross into off limits areas or out of bounds locations. There is a reason they are out of bounds.

10. NO RC or Drones on site. Unless approved by an Admin in advance.



There are numerous first aid qualified staff at every event, a risk assessment

 plan will have been completed prior and there are numerous first aid kits

which can be used if required located around the site.


           MINOR INJURY
In the event of a minor injury (sprain, cut, abrasion etc.) you should speak to the Reforger staff or a nearby marshal and they will
assist you. All minor injuries should be reported to staff ASAP.


In the event of a genuine, real world medical emergency the term ‘NO DUFF, NO DUFF, NO DUFF’ is used to stop all activities. It should be shouted as loud as possible by the participant who comes across the medical emergency.
The emergency should also be reported on the radio to your force command and any nearby marshals.

A marshal or staff member will move to the location ASAP and assess the situation. If further medical attention is required then they will deal with it from there on. This includes transfer to designated hospitals etc. The event will completely stop until the emergency is over.

All participants must apply safety catches, remove magazine, clear their weapons and stay in place until the incident is over.
The term ‘Game On’ will be used to inform all participants that the event has restarted following an incident.

It is every participant’s responsibility to ensure that they have their medication with them when attending a event. If you require your medication for emergency (inhalers etc.) then you should always carry this in your top left pocket or pouch.
Everyone will be asked to declare any medical conditions that they suffer from on booking to allow the staff to be ready in the event of an emergency.

In addition, you will issued a clear plastic bag with a large label on the front when booking in which you should use to store your medication. The label allows you to write down your medical conditions and also detail what medication you take and dosages etc. This way, if you require hospital treatment we know what medication you take and it can go with you to hospital, regardless of your current situation.


If you are given timings to be at a location or to achieve a goal by a certain time then you need to achieve them. Don’t be late.

All sleeping outside of the Dedicated down time is considered ‘in game’.  A section should sleep together and should not just flake off as individuals as and when they feel the need to. Your section is either in the battle or they are out of it.

Even during DDT sleeping Eye protection is Advised

Sleeping will likely be enforced by the Team Leaders when you return from a mission. He/she will give you adequate time for you to get your heads down after you have completed your post mission process. 

Every participant is responsible for ensuring that they are eating the required level of calories to sustain them through the event and drinking enough water to stay fully hydrated. 

You will be given chance to cook meals (during down time between your section missions) but it is important to remember that there are NO enforced breaks for eating. You eat in the field and are deemed to still be ‘in game’ at all times.
Please ensure that you have water with you at all times and that you are taking regular drinks. It is also a good idea to carry snack bars with you that you can use throughout the event to top up your energy levels between missions / attacks etc. 

Personal admin is vitally important. Make sure that your kit is stowed correctly and that you are ready for battle at all times. Before turning up to the event you should have all of your magazines loaded and all of your equipment prepared. Do not be that poorly disciplined airsofter who is always late, always unprepared and is a burden on their team.
Get yourself squared away and ready. 



Uniform Top (to match your force colours or camouflage pattern)
Uniform Trousers (to match your force colours or camouflage pattern)
Spare T-Shirt
Spare Underwear
Boots (all boots must have ankle support)
Spare Socks
Wristwatch ( Important for timings etc.)


Camouflage Cream

                    FIGHTING DRESS (Items you MUST have on you, when in the field)
Webbing / Plate Carrier / Chest Rig
Notepad, pen, pencils
Torch (red light required for night ops, white for safety)
Optics (binoculars etc.)
Radio (with earpiece/headset highly recommended)


                   FOOD AND WATER 
Meals (enough for at least three hot meals)
Snacks (enough to last for 24hrs)
2L Water MINIMUM  (Refill tap will not be easily accessible when in the field)
Cooking equipment 
Lighter or matches

                   PERSONAL ADMIN 
Washing Kit (toothbrush, toothpaste etc.)
Small Towel
Toilet Roll 
Wet Wipes
Strong Black Bin Bags (to tidy away your rubbish)
First Aid Kit (Marshall's will have one but mini Kit can help in emergencies) 
Personal Medication (MUST be in a clear bag Labelled with name dose and instructions of use and when required, please let the staff know of any medical issues upon sign in)
Spare Clothing (socks, underwear, uniform etc.)
Spare Batteries (for guns, lights & optics etc.)

                   WEAPON SYSTEMS

Gun box / bag
Primary Weapon System 
Secondary Weapon System (pistol etc.)

Weapon Sling
Spare Gas / CO2 / Batteries
Spare Ammunition
Grenades (if pre bought remember that they must comply to our regulations)
Spare blank ammo (for BFG’s)

Please bring a SPARE Primary weapon. In case of a weapon malfunction as spares are not given out.

 Teams are NOT restricted to any particular weapon systems. (i.e USEC's can use AK platforms - 

Bears can use AR platforms)

                 SAFETY EQUIPMENT 
Helmet (strongly recommended)
Hearing Protection
Face Protection
Eye Protection - MANDATORY
Knee Pads

Sleeping Bag (Adequate for the weather and temperatures)
Roll mat /camping beds
Cold / Wet Weather Gear (thermals, waterproofs, think fleece etc.)
Bivvi Bag
Inflatable Pillow
Military Poncho 
Bungee Cords & Tent Pegs 
Tent/Sleeping Quarters 
You are personally responsible for policing your own admin and taking care of your own rubbish.

All rubbish should be taken away with you at the end of the event. 



Pistols, Shotguns, AEG’s, GBBR  - 360 fps
Sniper Rifles (regardless of propellant type) - 500 fps/2.32J

DMR - 450 fps or 1.88 Joules
DMR rifles and sniper rifles MUST be semi-automatic only.
Snipers and Marksman must carry a secondary weapon to engage closer targets. 
Support Weapons HMG or LMG - 370fps Must be fired prone or in a supported position.

Any players found not complying to the above will be immediately dismissed.



In order to control the level of ammunition entering the battlefield each player is capped depending on their role. No loose ammunition is allowed to be carried at any time.


If you are carrying ammunition it has to be in magazines.

The limit of magazines an individual can carry is:
Assault Rifles / Breachers: 5 Mid caps - 3 pistol mags - This is based on 5 Mid caps that hold 150 rounds - Total 750 rounds
Sniper rifles - 4 mags - 4 pistol mags - If you are using Sniper rifle to x Adaptor, You are only allowed to carry 2 mags for your primary. 

Marksmen RIfles (Locked to Semi) - 3 Mid caps ( Based on 150 rounds per mag) or Equal to 450 rounds total. - pistol mags - 2 max

LMGs/HMGs - 3500 rounds - Drums or Mags (Only LMG's and HMGs

You are only allowed to carry a maximum of six grenades at any one time. This total can consist of any combination of smoke, fragmentation or blank firing grenades.

         KNIFE KILLS
If you have a simulation blade then you may tap the player and whisper ‘knife kill’ to them. They must then respond silently so as not to give your position away. If you don’t have a simulation blade then you can just tap them on the shoulder with your hand and whisper ‘knife kill’ instead. 

we operate an instant death rule, Any of the following will

kill you outright and to respawn you must get back to your FOB.

1. Missile strikes
2. Mortar strikes
3. Silent kills (Knife Kills)



Grim Sky III -  June 23rd - 25th

Please read and feel free to print off a map here ->
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